IPA & Wings

Something to wake us all up for the weekend, First Chop founder and director, Rik shares one of his recent favourite recipes, Korean Chicken Wings… Read on! Korean Chicken Wings I often get asked about food that goes well with particular beers. People who know me well know I love my food and don’t really […]

POD Vegan Cookies

Love sout? Love cookies? Forget milk and cookies. Make it stout and cookies! The Galaxy Gastronomy blog are at it again, this time we’re heading for some sweet treats and their vegan double chocolate cookies! Bethany has again used First Chop’s gluten free ‘Pod’ Vanilla Stout. This recipe is super easy, taking like 30 minutes […]

Joe Cold Brew Coffee Stout

Originally featured in Flavourly Magazine, Rik from First Chop talks all about his love of coffee and beer that’s been years in the making! Though the typical beer only takes a few weeks to make, the story of JOE – First Chop’s brand-new Cold Brew Coffee Oatmeal Stout – begins around seven or eight years […]

Q+A With Callum

Today we catch-up with Callum, a relatively new recruit to the First Chop but already a big part of the team. Before joining us he’s delved into his own home-brewing fascination with pals over the past few years. You can check out their escapades here on Instagram (@beerboys_43)! What is your favorite from the First […]

Interview With Stan

Stan Chow is an artist and illustrator, known for his unique illustration style and work with clients such as The White Stripes, WWE and McDonald’s. He is also the man behind the artwork you find on First Chop’s beer cans, including Flavourly exclusives USA, WIN and NZL. First Chop founder Rik chats with Stan for […]

Q+A With Ben

A lil chat with Ben from the team at First Chop. He is also a new-ish member and is part of the home-brewing crew @beerboys_43 🙂 Check them out on Instagram here. What is your favorite from the First Chop range? I really like the ‘One’ series of single hop pales. It’s great to see […]


Have you tried our YES? It’s part of the new First Chop low alcohol beer range. Like all the First Chop beers, YES is gluten free and vegan. A beer we’re particularly proud of. A low alcohol ‘Anytime IPA’ that basically means you can drink unlimited amounts of this craft beer without wobbling over. Great […]

New Interweb Site

Our new webshop has landed! You probably guessed that though, because you’re in it. It’s been a long time in the making and something we’re really excited about, with the prospect of serving the UK with our range of awesome gluten free craft beers. We’ve got our brand new DDH range that you’ll find under […]