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Have you tried our YES? It’s part of the new First Chop low alcohol beer range. Like all the First Chop beers, YES is gluten free and vegan. A beer we’re particularly proud of. A low alcohol ‘Anytime IPA’ that basically means you can drink unlimited amounts of this craft beer without wobbling over. Great for a Sunday. The best bit, that’s about the only sacrifice you’ll have to make when suppin YES. People often think that ‘low’ or ‘no’ alcohol craft beers will miss the mark in terms of flavour, under the impression that because something has been removed then the taste profile is impacted in a negative way. Like one of those crap yogurts that people eat before they go on their holidays. This is a misconception that we’re hoping to break with our great range of low alcohol gluten free beers. YES is jam packed with hop forward grapefruit flavours and isn’t one to be missed. Keep your eyes peeled for another couple of low alcohol beauties heading your way in the next few weeks as we add the our range innovative of craft beers.

There should be no concession when it comes to an alcohol free session 👌 Grab your YES fix by clicking here