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A lil chat with Ben from the team at First Chop. He is also a new-ish member and is part of the home-brewing crew @beerboys_43 🙂 Check them out on Instagram here.

What is your favorite from the First Chop range? I really like the ‘One’ series of single hop pales. It’s great to see how the hops dictate the flavour profile and you get all sorts fruity or savoury flavours depending on the varietal.

What music do you listen to whilst doing a brew / drinking a beer?

Anything ranging from Grunge to New Metal for a brew day to Bluesy or Jazzy chilled vibes when having a chilled solo beer or Indie / upbeat with some buddies! Some of my faves are…

Ben Top 10:

1) The Doors – Roadhouse Blues

2) Soundgarden – Slaves and Bulldozers

3) Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks

4) Deftones – My Own Summer

5) Queens of the Stone Age – Regular John

6) Tame Impala – Alter ego

7) Mac DeMarco – Freaking out the Neighbourhood

8) Bob Dylan – The Man in Me

9) Nirvana – Breed

10) Arctic Monkeys – Dance Little Liar

Listen to Ben’s Spotify playlist (

What’s your background in the craft ale scene?
I lived in Vancouver, Canada for a while around 3 years ago where there were 30-something breweries all with tap rooms and an incredible range of beers, especially IPAs. This is where I seriously started wanting to get into brewing. When I came home to Manchester, I started home brewing with a couple of buddies and now all three of us are working in the industry! Still home-brewing whilst we go!

Session or non session beer?
That is the question. This depends how ‘session’ we’re talking…I love a pint sessional Pale or cask ale…I’m not as into a Table beer though and would rather have something on the stronger side like an IPA or DIPA…or just give me an Imp Stout! Obviously depends on the occasion.

Any new flavors you want Rik to bring into the mix at First Chop?
I like the idea of brewing a beer with ‘Grains of Paradise’ for a peppery vibe. Also not averse to chilli in beer!

Anything else you’d like to add whilst we have you here? ????
It’s been awesome being part of the team at First Chop and its ace to see how passionate everyone is about beer and we’re always learning and thinking of ways we can improve or adjust things! There are some exciting things to come in the new year for sure!!