Q+A with Veronica

Q+A with Veronica

Posted on September 30, 2020

Another spotlight on the brewery team at First Chop. This time with Veronica our resident Italian!

  1. What is your favorite from the First Chop range?
    My first choice is definitely AVA, then because I love stouts, for sure POD!

  2. What music do you listen to whilst doing a brew / drinking a beer?
    Well it’s a terrible question, how can I choose only 10 songs? I listen so many different kind of music! I’ll try to choose the top 10 (impossible tbh!).

    Listen to Veronica's Spotify playlist

    Veronica First Chop 10

    Numb - Linkin Park
    I see a victory - Kim Burrell and Pharrell Williams
    Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
    Cani Sciolti - Sangue Misto
    Calypso - Carl Cox
    Girls in their summer clothes - Bruce Springsteen
    Demons - Imagine Dragons
    Paper Planes - M.I.A.
    Gold Digger - Kanye West
    Mr. Brightside - The Killers

  3. What’s your background in the craft ale scene?
    First Chop is my first experience 100% inside the brewery as a brewer, I used to work in Italy and UK in some pubs and beer festivals, I sold and drank a ton of beer, but now I make it and I’ll become a master brewer sooner or later. This fab place it’s only the beginning!

  4. Session or non session beer? That is the question.
    Both, right? Ahah I’m joking, my life is just for Barley Wine, Dubble and Triple beers, so you can guess.

  5. Any new flavors you want Rik to bring into the mix at First Chop?
    Well, my favourite beer over everything is the Belgian style Witbier, unfortunately it’s not very popular here in England, who knows if maybe one day we’ll make it!

  6. Anything else you’d like to add whilst we have you here? 
    Stay tuned and hopefully we’ll meet in Italy at some Italian beer festivals! We love Italians, don’t we?!