Q+A with Marlene

Q+A with Marlene

Posted on August 28, 2020

Another spotlight on the brewery team at First Chop. This time with Marlene just before she sadly moves on to new adventures!

  1. What’s your background in the craft ale scene?
    I have no background in the scene whatsoever, First Chop is my first crack at it ;)

  2. Session or non session beer? That is the question.
    All depends on the mood doesn't it..

  3. What is your favorite from the First Chop range?
    I love dark beers a lot so I'll say SYL is my favourite, after that I'll go with JAM

  4. Any new flavors you want Rik to bring into the mix at First Chop?
    I think a sour would be a good addition :)

  5. What music do you listen to whilst doing a brew / drinking a beer?
    Check my Spotify playlist of the tunes below : )

    Anna Domino - With the day comes the dawn
    Erikah Badu - Didn't cha know
    Broadcast - Come on let's go
    Stereolab - Metronomic Underground
    Tropical Fuck Storm- You let my tyres down
    Lungfish - Lay yourself aside
    Gnod - Paper error
    Tropic of cancer - Be brave
    Beak - When we fall

  6. What does the future hold for you now that you are leaving the First Chop family?
    That is a good question! Well, I'm moving away from Manchester but I will be carrying on with my music projects, and hopefully find a local brewery that will let me in, and just see what life throws my way next :)

Obrigada Marlene. Good luck in your next steps and stay in touch with the fam :)