Q+A with Freddy

Q+A with Freddy

Posted on July 30, 2020

Friday is upon us and we check in with the #FirstChop family with a quick Q+A (and Spotify playlist ????) with Freddy from the team!

1. What is your favourite from the First Chop range?
I really love the #IPA, it's one we use New England yeast for and it brings out some lovely flavours. That and it's dry hopped quite a bit! I'm also a big fan of #SYL. Black IPAs have a special place in my heart.

2. What music do you listen to whilst doing a brew / drinking a beer?
The playlist says it all I suppose. I grew up listening to punk but a good mix of that, a nice bit of dub (I've tried to think of some good stuff that Rik wouldn't have put on his playlist) bit of hip hop. Just whatever strikes the mood right.

3. What's your background in the craft ale scene?
I spent a few years interning with different breweries, just trying to soak up as much knowledge and experience as I could, luckily for me the industry is a very kind and open one, and people were very happy to teach, and managed at Sandbar to pay the bills. And began working full time in breweries last year with Totally Brewed.

4. Session or non session beer? That is the question.
That is the unfair question! How do you choose? Session beers take up the bulk of my drinking for sure, I love a 3.8% pale! But it's always nice to break the cycle with an imperial stout or a fruited sour. I'm also a sucker for a smoked beer too... can't really session with those though, but I would if I could!

5. Any new flavours you want Rik to bring into the mix at First Chop?
To be honest, there's some new stuff round the corner that answers that question. You'll just have to see :)

Listen to Freddy's Beer drinking top "Ten" on Spotify here... bit.ly/freddyfirstchop