Back in business

Back in business

Posted on June 6, 2017

It’s an absolute pleasure to kick thing’s off with the best news possible… we’re back! 

The fire that ravaged the old brewery back in October 2016 was a dark day in the First Chop story and led to a very bleak Winter but with Spring in full bloom it’s apt that we are poised to begin our own rebirth in the relocated brewery at the old Gardners factory site in Eccles. 

It’s been touch and go at times these last 6 months but we’ve stubbornly weathered the storm and are ready to burst phoenix like into the brewing arena once more. 

Our new kit is a massive improvement on the old one and the simple upshot is that the beer tastes sharper than ever. Jack will be writing a blog post soon for all you tech nerds out there but the plain facts are we can brew to almost twice the capacity now and the beer is much the better for it. 

The other major news is that ALL our beers are now fully vegan and gluten free. We’ve had such a phenomenal response to the GF bottles and cans that we’ve ran with it right across the board and decided to stop fining the casks. This will make for a little more natural haze in the beer but it can be enjoyed by all with no imprint on the moral compass. 

We’ve got a few new tricks coming up on the website soon enough and are going to make it much easier for you to get your hands on our beer in general. 

I’ll leave it there for now but expect to hear much more from us very soon. 

Thanks for your patience. It’s a joy to be back. 


Lee Gorton