First Chop Brewing Arm was established in 2012 with a passion to make great beer and a borrowed micro brewery. We started brewing 400 litres of beer per month. Within 12 months we needed a brewery of our own to satisfy the demand for 20,000 litres per week. In May 2017 production began in our new brewery in Salford, now capable of producing over 80,000 litres per month, that’s 35,000 pints per week!
First Chop is beer for everyone - gluten free and vegan. There is no place for gluten in any beer so we make sure we remove any last trace - we test to show a gluten content of below 5 PPM (parts per million). This doesn’t make our beer taste any different, it is just testament to our stringent quality procedures. Good quality beer is gluten free, our many awards are proof of that. We test every batch so anyone with a gluten allergy or intolerance has that peace if mind.
First Chop is leading the way in gluten free craft beer production*. With a full range of gluten free beer available in cans, bottles, kegs and cask. First Chop offers gluten intolerant craft beer lovers a real choice in what they drink. The beer is now available all over the UK and Europe.
*All certified and approved by the coeliac society and carrying the cross-grain symbol.